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<33 I love you all with all my heart! HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! <33
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United States
Name-I will not tell you!
Nickname- I don't think I'll tell you that either
Birthplace- Seattle, Washington
Current Location-Shitty little town in the middle of no where
Eye Color-brownish green
Hair Color-Black/ blue/ and blonde
Height-6' (that meens 6 feet right?)
Weight- Skinny as fuck!
Lefty or Righty-Righty
Zodiac Sign-Cancer
What Do You Drive-I don't :/
Screenname- CarcinoGeneticist
Band-Blood On The Dance Floor and Black Veil Brides
Music Genre-any kind of Rock (Ex. classic/ screamo/ crunk core ect)
Movie-Anything that Tim Burton makes
Actor- none
Actress- none
Kind of Movie-Action/ comedy/ and anything else I guess. besides Horror
Cartoon-Invader Zim
Sport-No, just fuck sports!
Fast Food Restaurant-I don't like fast food
Food- I don't like food
Ice Cream-well for Gog sake! vanilla stop asking me about food!
Cereal-Are you FUCKING me!
Alcoholic Beverage-I'm 14, really?
Quote- "FUCK IT, FUCK YOU, FUCK ME! GOOD BYE!" ~ me thats my quote
{---Do You---}
Have any siblings-Yes one....
Have any pets-Sure do!
Have a job-no D:
Have a cellphone-Why yes I do!
Have any special talents or skills-Writing and drawing I guess?
Have any fears-Fuck yes I do!
Have a bedtime-I have to sit in my bed. no one ever said I had to sleep
Sing in the shower-What kinda question is that!
Want to go to college- I guess so? I don't know!
Get along with your parents-I get along with my room?
Have any piercings-Fuck yea!
Have any tattoos-My parents would murder me -_-
Swear-Fuck yea I do!
Smoke-No my parents would Kill me. Not that I want to anyway -_-
Drink-I kinda have to. Ya know so I can... LIVE!!!
Do Drugs-No I don't think I do?
{---Love & All That Crap---}
Ever been in love-Oh fuck yesh
Ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend-No
Are you single-No
Are you in a relationship-Yes Why would I say I'm not single and then not be in a relationship!?
Do you have a crush on someone-No I'm dating someone why would I have a crush?
Ever been dumped-uh I don't think so?
Ever dumped someone-I don't know. I guess so!
{---This or That---}
Fruit or Vegetable-Fruit
Black or White-Black
Lights On or Lights Off-Lights OFF
TV or Movie-Movie
Car or Truck-car
Cash or Check-Cash
Rock or Rap-Rock
Chocolate or Vanilla-Vanilla
French Toast or French Fries-FRENCH FUCKING TOAST
Strawberries or Blueberries-Strawberries of course yummy
Cookies or Muffins-Muffins
Winter Break or Spring Break-Spring
Hugs or Kisses-Niether!!!!
{---Have You Ever---}
Danced in a public place-Fuck yes!
Smiled for no reason-I don't think so?
Laughed so hard you cried-Yep...
Talked to someone you don't know-Yea isn't that how you meet people?
Drank alcohol-Yes!
Done drugs-I don't think so?
Partied 'til the sun came up-MAAAAYYYYBBBEEE!!!!????
Gotten a ticket-To many times to count...
Been arrested-They know nothing >.> <.<
Been convicted of a crime-Still know nothing >.><.<
Been in a wreck-Yes Sadly....
Been out of the country-Once
{---Random & Silly Junk---}
Are you a virgin-Yep, I think so at least?
Ever TP'd someone's house-sure I have -_-
Ever egged someone's house-Maybe!!!!
How many languages do you speak-1 mother fuckers!
Who do you compare yourself to- Evryone
Ever regret anything-I REGRET NOTHING!!!!
Do you like being tickled-No... Thats kinda weird?
What are your goals-I don't know...
Are your fingers tired-Fuck no!
Are you tired of this survey- Not really...
Are you happy- Fuck no!

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